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At MAPANVA we have been providing solutions to bakers around the world for more than 50 years, in countries such as Germany, Italy, France, Morocco, South America and Spain, equipping premises and industries with our machines.
Equipped with the latest technological advances and security measures, they provide the professional with simple and reliable handling, we offer a wide range of products of our own manufacture, in our four lines of development. We can offer you an integrated service for your projects.
Le podemos ofrecer un servicio integrado de sus proyectos.


We want to be at the forefront of the market, to always have the latest news available..


We have a wide variety of original spare parts, which guarantee the maintenance of your machine


We have the right professionals to carry out the installation and maintenance of your machine with complete satisfaction thanks to our prices and personalized attention


We have a wide variety of products and services to guarantee maximum satisfaction to our clients..

Intermediate proofer

Static rest chamber without change of bags. Due to its loader system, our machine cannot produce doubles. The mat for loading the trays is equipped with a photoelectric cell to easily capture pieces of any size Loading and unloading can be to the right or left, according to customer needs


Bar formers The former is intended for rolling, rolling and lengthening bread balls (French baguette type).
Also for special, regional breads, pastries, subject to prior tests.


Automatic dividers

Divider weigher
The function of the divider is to divide the bread dough (French baguette type) in portions of a certain weight. It is a volumetric divider. The machine is ready to divide the mass of 55% to 70% of water, this system offers a good weight accuracy with a tolerance of 2% (depending on the additives and the elasticity of the dough).

Group of small bread

The production multipiston line allows to fabricate small breads since 100 until 340 mm of length, charging and uncharging 2,3 or 4 pieces at the same time.On this way we multiply the production of small breads than to a production basic

Production Line

The production basic line of 2200 mm allows to transport the balls of bread automatically from one machine to another.There are two models, the unic line ( It transports the balls one at a time) and de dobule line ( it transports the balls two by two)


We have a wide variety of articles in our facilities. Numerous works guarantee our professionalism and experience in the bakery machinery sector. Specialists in guaranteed custom work

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  • Intermediate proofer
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  • Group of small bread

Manual proofer KIO

Automatic proofer KIO

Automatic proofer VOLTEO

Manual proofer COMBI

Automatic proofer KUBIK

Automatic proofer en L

Automatic proofer T

Manual intermediate proofer

Moduler MINI600

Moduler ARTI700

Moduler MAXI

Moduler MAXI 1R

Automatic divider

Electric divider

Rounder divider

Group of small bread

Group of small bread and moduler, divider and rounder

Production basic line

The production basic line of 2200 mm allows to transport the balls of bread automatically from one machine to another.


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